Buy steroids with Paypal

Buy steroids with Paypal

Apparently superbolic.net is one of the very few online sellers, if not the only one, to accept Paypal. So why nobody accepts it, as it’s the most convenient and safe method to buy stuff online? Two main reasons:

1. In its Terms of Service and users agreement, Paypal explicitly prohibits to use its services to buy or sell steroids, controlled drugs, drugs paraphernalia, tobacco and many other items. Therefore, to integrate the usual express checkout to the shopping cart is not a good idea. The payment will be processed and reversed by Paypal within ten minutes. Both buyer’s and seller’s accounts will be frozen for 180 days. This is the technical reason that explains why no steroid seller accepts Paypal.

2. The other reason is that Paypal payments are reversible: an unhappy buyer can open a dispute, escalate it to a claim, and get refunded. The process is fairly easy and takes about 5 weeks. In the Paypal environment, buyers must be protected and sellers are considered guilty until proven innocent. In a dangerous market like steroids, where customs actively delay and seize shipments, accepting payment by Paypal would be a financial suicide for sellers. Moreover, there are a few scammers who receive the order, claim they didn’t, and get refunded.

To overcome this grim reality and be able to accept Paypal, we had to split the payment process in two steps, as the checkout page will not take you to your Paypal login page, but will end with a pop up page that explains how to pay. See below.

IMPORTANT : Please read this page until the very end

How to pay with Paypal by sending money as “to a friend”

or in some countries as “to someone you trust”

  • Leave this page open and go to Paypal.com
  • log in and follow the instructions below.

Click on “Send and Request”, choose “Send” and insert this Paypal email address



Click “Next”.

Your order is quoted in USD, so choose USD. If the recipient receives USD or THB converted by Paypal is not an issue. Insert the amount in USD. Do not write anything in the “Add a note” area.

NOTE: Khang@superbolic.com IS NOT a Paypal address, it is used here just as an example.

Click “Continue”.

Then Paypal gives you the choice to send money as “Sending to a friend” or “Paying for a item or service”. Click “Sending to a friend”.

You can transfer funds as “Sending to a friend” using your balance, your linked credit/debit Card or your bank account.

At this stage you should see a confirmation by Paypal that the money has been sent. Occasionally, it may happen that Paypal asks additional information about the receiver. In this case, log out and contact shangkhang2020@protonmail.com


If you don’t wish to pay as explained above, simply close the shopping cart and leave the site. Your order will not be received by the system and no record of your data will be kept. Do not click the PLACE ORDER button. If you do, you commit to pay for it. If you send funds by Paypal as a payment , not as “to a friend”, the order will be canceled, you will be refunded, and if you wish to reorder the only option will be Bitcoin.

Please do not leave an order unpaid without contacting us, or it will be considered a spam order. At superbolic.net we do not condone spamming of any kind. It messes up our work and affects our service to customers who pay for their orders. Your contact details will be added to various spammers databases and you will be spammed as well. 

Should you have any question about the above, please contact: