How to pay

How to pay

Before we explore all payments options, it is important for you, the buyer, to understand the seller situation regarding selling anabolic steroids. In few words, it is vital to maintain our anonymity. We cannot accept the same kind of payments as online retailers selling handicrafts or whatever else. Steroids are a different kind of product. While importation for personal consumption is, in most countries, not considered a crime, selling steroids is. Therefore, it is vital to maintain our anonymity.

We accept payments by Bitcoin, like all other sellers. 

Buy Bitcoin by credit card, WU or Moneygram, then Pay in Bitcoin is not an US-based online retailer. Therefore, all the various exchanges that facilitate online payments like Neteller, Zelle, Xoom, Skrill etc. or any that require a verified US phone number or US bank account cannot be used. This is valid for all exchanges that operate only domestically in any given country. Without having a phone number or a bank account registered in the country, it is impossible for us to register and use the service.

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