Steroids FOR FREE


Steroids for free. Really? Yes, really!

There is a trick as old as online payments to get whatever you buy for free. The people who implement it are the scourge of online sellers. Still, online sellers are often seen as scammers, especially in the steroid market, where a seller is considered a scammer unless he proves he is not. Sadly, buyers can be scammers as well.

But what happens if a buyer and a seller are the same person? Or if buyers agree with the seller to be “scammed”?

Sounds weird? Maybe, but only to the ones who are not aware of such tricks.

Do you want to receive you order and get your money back? Obtaining the stuff for free? Yes? Well, we can be partners on this. Send me an email to know how it works. Please write “STEROIDS FOR FREE” in the title.

This opportunity is only for regular and old customers. It is not open to everybody, as it revolves around solid mutual trust. Which in my opinion should be earned, in a long term business partnership.